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Inspection Coordinator
£Negotiable per annum

ABLY RESOURCES are seeking an INSPECTION COORDINATOR to be based in Offshore Angola.

Project, flag: ... N/A
Location: Onshore Angola
Position: Inspection Coordinator
Contract start: As soon possible
Contract duration: 12 months (renewable)
Work/leave rotation: 90 days on duty – 21 days off duty
Working hours: 10 hours a day – 6 days a week
Salary: USD per worked and travel day
Insurances: Provided by the Company
Flights: Provided by the Company
Accommodation: Provided by the Company
Living allowance: AOA per month (paid on pro-rata basis)

Please refer to the below job description to learn project requirements and main responsibilities and duties.


• Execute the inspection and Quality Control activities on site collecting the relevant records
• Ensure that all mechanical operation is executed in accordance with the relevant Codes and Standards, and Subsidiaries procedures, Quality Control Plans/ Inspection Test Plans

• In accordance with the Quality Control Plan, execute the specific inspections on material, equipment and construction/installation activities on site, following relevant specified procedures, issuing the relevant Quality Records
• Obtain and acquire knowledge of project documentation and specification requirements, standards and codes as required by the scope of the contract
• Ensure that material receiving inspections are carried out
• Ensure that all personnel performing inspection and testing requiring experience and qualification are identified and that their qualifications are kept updated and recorded
• Ensure that all testing and measuring equipment are identified, calibrated and suitable for testing and that instructions for their use and setting are available
• Check daily, and prior to start the onsite work, that environmental conditions are adequate; otherwise promote measures to protect the work
• Ensure implementation of Inspection and Test Plans for structural steel, vessels, column, tanks, spheres, heat exchangers and air coolers, skid mounted packages, piping, pipe supports, pipe ways, pipelines etc., and perform, with a minimal external support from his Supervisor, all pertinent quality control and on-site surveillances
• Witness inspection and testing and ensure that they are performed as scheduled in order to meet project objectives
• Evaluate inspection and testing results in accordance with requirements defined in the Contract
• Provide support for any identified potential non-conformances or any work defects occurring systematically
• Ensure that non-conformance reports have been closed out satisfactorily and that pertinent documentation have been completed
• Orderly collect and manage/check documents certifying test, controls and inspection documents, ensuring that all mechanical and testing related records are properly retrievable within the final As- Built dossier
• In Case of subcontractor activities, ensure the correct implementation of the approved Quality Control Plans/ Inspection Test
• Plans, witnessing inspection and collecting relevant Quality Control records

Please send CVs in Word format to

Ref: IC/OC
Added: 22 Nov 2018

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Work Boat Master
£Negotiable per annum

ABLY RESOURCES are seeking a Workboat Master to be based in Offshore Angola.

Location: Offshore Angola ...
Position: Workboat Master
Contract start: As soon possible
Contract duration: 12 months (renewable)
Work/leave rotation: 28 days on duty – 28 days off duty
Working hours: 12 hours a day – 7 days a week
Salary: USD per worked and travel day
Insurances: Provided by the Company
Flights: Provided by the Company
Accommodation: On Board
Living allowance: Full Boarding

Please refer to the attached job description:

- Organize (within the frame of his responsibilities) the maritime deck work activities and assign the tasks to the deck marine crew

- Report to Chief Mate, control work activities of the deck crew and direct mooring operations of barges according policies and procedure, international laws and requirements
- Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of on-deck workspaces, assign qualified deck crew to operate the helideck fire stations and assist the Helicopter Landing Officers, where required, carry out assigned duties during an emergency situation as detailed in the Emergency response Procedures
- Ensure all vessel rigging and lifting equipment are certified for use and are in a suitable condition, properly stored and maintained, perform Tool Box Talks (TBT) as required by the nature of the job to own crew Authority
- Assign work tasks to deck crew
- Maintain safe working practices

- STCW required certificates, National CoP Reg. II/5
- Completion of all training and certifications as described in the Training Matrix

- Minimum four (4) years' experience as Navigational Watch Rating
- One (1) year experience in off-shore activity

Please send CVs in Word format to

Added: 22 Nov 2018

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Commercial Manager
£6,457 - 7,264 per month

Commercial Manager
$8-9,000 net salary per month + accommodation + car + flights

Our client is a huge, well known ... organisation dedicated to delivering quality on projects throughout the Middle East and Africa.

A Commercial Manager is now required to join the Dar es Salaam office to be responsible for the commercials of large government civil engineering projects throughout Tanzania.

Individuals must have a comprehensive knowledge and experience in the following construction disciplines:
• Construction business management,
• Project management, procurement and finance,
• Building and civil engineering design and construction,
• Measurement and evaluation of construction works,
• Commercial and contract law such as FIDIC, NEC, JBCC, SATCC
• Contract claims and resolution of disputes,
• Project management, programming and detailed delay analysis,
• Joint ventures, consortia, trading agreements and private finance initiatives,
• Property Development,
• Property asset acquisition and disposal,
• Facilities Management,
• Training and development.
• Primavera, CCS Softwares

Reporting directly to the General Manager of Tanzania. responsibilities of this role will include:
• Measurement and evaluation of building and civil engineering construction work in accordance with established procedure.
• Preparation of main contractor’s monthly progress payment applications for certification and payment in accordance with contract requirements.
• Preparation and processing of sub-contractor’s and service provider’s payments as per agreements.
• Procurement and administration of consultants, sub-contractors and specialist works contractors to carry out design and or construction services on behalf of the company.
• Preparation and maintenance of databases of change orders to specified contract works and implementation of procedure for payment of additional and varied work.
• Preparation and maintenance of systems for monitoring payment of certified amounts due in specified currencies and implementation of appropriate procedure if payment is not received by due date.
• Management of staff reporting to the Commercial Manager so as to effectively recruit, train, evaluate, motivate, delegate and monitor their activities.
• Planning and implementation of appropriate contract administration strategy in line with the best interests of the company.
• Liaison with project managers, finance managers and other senior company representatives to establish and maintain effective contract administration systems to support operations including resource management, procurement and production.
• Planning and implementation of estimating and tendering practice and procedure for submission of bids.
• Preparation of cost estimates for new and existing projects.
• Preparation and implementation of risk analysis procedures and risk avoidance strategies for construction projects.
• Preparation, implementation and submission of budgets for turnover, profit and cash flows for individual projects and regional centres.
• Monitoring and reporting on activities and provision of relevant management information. Preparation and submission to the company’s representatives regular project status reports in respect of progress, work executed and cash management.
• Management and maintenance of effective insurance provisions for contract works, public liability and PI including notification, submission and settlement of insurance claims.
• Management and maintenance of suitable guarantees, bonds and other necessary documentation for the administration of all construction related activities.
• Advising project managers on the company’s contractual rights and obligations regarding contract and sub-contract works and drafting appropriate correspondence and contract notices where conditions precedent exist.
• Planning and implementation of methodologies for keeping and reporting contemporary site records of progress of work executed and resources used.
• Monitoring overall project progress against base programme; identification of causes and effects of project delays and preparation and submission of detailed delay analyses using impacted as planned, window analysis and or time-impact analysis techniques.
• Providing contractual, legal and commercial advice to the company representatives.
• Preparation, submission, administration and attempted resolution of main contract and sub-contract claims for extensions of time and additional costs.
• Drafting and concluding legal agreements and other contractual documentation in respect of contract and sub-contract agreements / amendments, final accounts and settlements of disputes.
• Reviewing, providing opinion on and attempting to resolve discrepancies in or interpretation of contract documentation.
• Resolution of disputes through established dispute resolution procedures.
• Continual updating of personal knowledge of all relevant developments in construction and contract law, economics, current affairs, construction technology and professional practice notes for use in day to day activities.

Individuals must have demonstrable experience of managing commercial teams on large civil engineering projects including roads, highways, water projects etc.

Please note that only British, Irish or South African candidates can be considered for Visa purposes.

The successful professional will be offered a net salary of up to US$9,000 per month + fully furnished apartment + suitable car/transport + annual return ticket to country of origin per annum. Married status visa can be supplied.

For full details please contact Ami Wright at

Ref: CM/AW
Added: 26 Oct 2018

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Human Resources Manager
£Negotiable per annum

ABLY RESOURCES are involved in a recruitment campaign requiring a HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER to be based in ANGOLA.

Located in the ... country’s capital, Luanda, this opportunity is on a two-year contract basis with an offshore engineering organisation.

The Human Resources Manager will be responsible for the management of people related matters within the business’ offshore and operations support. In addition, responsibilities will include the management and maintenance of all HR processes and procedures in accordance with industry standards.

The accountabilities associated with this role include, but aren’t limited to;

• The management of all Human Resources and administration functions
• Continuously seek to improve, develop and implement plans to ensure compliance to Corporate HR policies, procedures and processes to achieve business objectives
• Maintain management guidelines by preparing, updating and recommending Human Resources Policies and Procedures for all areas
• Maintaining & updating all statutory compliances
• Drives all aspects of the employment lifecycle - from source, selection, recruitment through to onboarding, induction and retention

Please send CVs in Word format to

Added: 21 Sep 2018

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Technical Manager
£3,358 - 4,197 per month

Technical Manager
€4,000 per month net

Our client is a prestigious organising operating a 400+ villa gated ... community in Libya. This highly secure village is a fully contained complex including extensive residential, retail, leisure complexes etc.

A Technical Manager from an M&E or facilities management background is now required to be responsible for the organisation of all repairs and maintenance of the equipment within the residential, commercial and common areas of this complex. The successful individual will ensure a safe and well-maintained resort where everything functions as it should and where all maintenance and power costs are within budgeted controls. The person wo;; also ensure efficient preventative maintenance procedures at all times, and a quick reaction to maintenance requirements from guests and staff.

Having a varied technical background, you will directly 5 supervisors and should be able to support the technical personnel with fault finding, as well as able to source the necessary material and skillsets in the local market to ensure that repairs are done efficiently and in as short a time as possible.

The successful candidate must have a high attention to detail, be very organised and willing to research solutions to technical issues. Good communication skills and patience are highly desirable. The successful candidate should have enough expertise to command respect with his/her technical knowledge. Working outside office hours, including late at night may at times be required to ensure that resort operations and services to clients are not impacted. Previous related experience should be well demonstrated. The candidate should be ready to support in actual repair jobs if the situation dictates. Spoken and well written English is a must, as is a pleasant personality.

Duties will include:
• Responsible for all technical operations in and around the resort as well as efficient planning of all engineering and maintenance activities;
• Support the diagnoses and repairs and maintenance of malfunctioning systems and equipment such as water pumps, and distribution pipework, fire fighting and detection systems, sewage treatment plants, R.O. systems, hot water systems, motor control centres, electrical switchgears and sub stations, swimming pools equipment, standby generators, elevators, battery operated vehicle, catering and domestic appliances, etc.
• Responsible for advising the Facilities Manager and General Manager about all equipment, seriousness of damages, renewals, improvements etc;
• Required to regularly take stock of all technical equipment;
• Responsible for daily checking of the department and all technical equipment for hygiene and orderliness;
• Responsible for the overall housekeeping of the workshop areas;
• To execute any other duties relevant to the position as instructed by the Facilities Manager or the General Manager.

• Engineering degree or equivalent certifications
• Extensive practical experience in a related field. Experience in a hospitality setting a definite plus

Required experience:
• Qualified and experienced with a broad knowledge across mechanical, electrical and general maintenance engineering and plant/site control systems.
• Particular expertise in the areas of High Voltage Distribution is desirable.
• A good understanding of the role of an FM Service provider and the standards required for maintenance and repair services.
• English speaking
• Good awareness of Health & Safety issues and the need for safe methods of working.
• To have knowledge of compliance, fire and security regulations and procedures.
• Ability to communicate effectively with residents, contractors and staff at all levels.
• Skill in both verbal and written communication.

Our client offers a rotational role of 6 weeks on / 2 weeks off together with a minimum net salary of €4,000 per month.

Please contact Ami Wright at Ably Resources for full details:

Ref: TM/AW
Added: 10 Jul 2018

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